Sang Tao A Bo Co is a fundamental communication course recommended for any starting advertising creatives. 

The teacher/founder approached us with the hope to refresh the old logo while extend to other merchandises as gifts for attending students.

visual identity
merchandise design
project account
cindy le
portfolio photography
thuy truc &
khoa ngo
print producer
quynh than

From the old star logo, the new wordmark and monogram are created by keeping the orginal idea/spirit of the course —one star is the fundamental to the upcoming five-starred career.

Believing that being creative is simply having fun while shaping the small pictures to solve the big problems, five bright elementary colors, tetriz-inspired elements and type system are added to complete the whole visual identity.
The original one-star logo.

Lead black medal and one-star enamel pin as parts of the creative kit every student would receive after finishing the course.

Certificate envelope with embossed monogram on 300gsm paper.

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